Pokemon Soulsilver Rom hack

Pokemon Soulsilver is a supporter made rebuilding of Pokemon Silver with all of the improvements from your original. The version is a superior remake of the classic Pokemon games, and with gameboy emulator android games that I will not mind playing anything that elevates upon the initial (I i am only important of the story). With the exception of a couple of minor stuff that might mess up your gaming experience, Pokemon Soulsilver is a perfect video game to play in the Nintendo DS. But before We get into the details, let me tell you the entire story of Pokemon Soulsilver and how come I think it is actually worth money to buy that.

Pokemon Soulsilver contains a lot of the features of the older games. It has the maps and regions from the prior games, as well as new areas that have not really been seen in any other pokemon games. Furthermore, the gameplay has been significantly improved. Today, there are above 30 customizable pokemon and their levels, along with many fresh transfer objects. This includes more than 500 products, most of which are gleaming. Also, just about every player can be allowed to select one of 6 different persona themes to use throughout the game, which really expands the available identity roster.

The most important improvement, nevertheless , is probably the capability to trade pokemon across completely different DS gaming systems. Now, you are able to bring your shiny pokemon across your DS as well as your Wii! I was able to company my shiny Charmander across my own Wii and DS, and even received a few gift items from friends on each program!

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