We will support the people driving interdisciplinary climate research within the GW4 universities, including researchers at all career stages, professional services staff as well as our diverse partners in communities, NGOs, business, and government. Creating just responses to climate change demands diverse and interdisciplinary research collaboration, where the GW4 Alliance is exceptionally well placed to deliver cross-University development opportunities. We work to create a supportive research culture, in line with the 2021 UK R&D People & Culture Strategy. We will build a justified reputation for best practice in open and inclusive research and research communication, in line with our plans for social transformation.    


NEW These small awards (<£5K) will support the development and progression of collaborations by funding a single activity or resource. The aim is that communities will use the small awards as a step towards applying for external funding. Applications can come from new or existing GW4 communities.

The awards can be used for a variety of purposes, such as enhancing collaborative relationships (academic, industry or other stakeholders), seminars, community workshops, or public engagement activities. 

Projects which include external partners are encouraged, although not required. There is no closing date for applications, with awards set to be made throughout the year.

Read the GW4 Building Communities Development Award Guidance here, and apply via this form

CAse Study: GW4 Talent and Skills Programme Crucible scheme

Since 2017, the GW4 Crucible scheme has supported over 150 Early Career Researchers (ECRs) offering attendees the chance to enhance their career through an exploration of interdisciplinary research, impact, and leadership development. Activities include learning about personal and group collaborations styles, sandpit-type workshops to unearth shared research interests or questions, masterclasses on grant writing and communication techniques, and panel Q&A sessions with senior university management and sector leaders.

GW4 Crucible culminates in access to seed funding for interdisciplinary and cross-institutional groups of researchers to develop networks, pilot new methods, or gather preliminary data that address the grand challenge of the year’s Crucible theme. The theme for the GW4 Crucible 2023 is Our Data and Digital World – Opportunities for Transformative Interdisciplinarity.

Find out more about three projects which emerged from 2021 GW4 Crucible and the theme ‘Transitions to Net Zero in the time of Covid-19’.