GW4 Living Labs: Scope 3 and the road to Net Zero 28 February 2023

A practical workshop which brought together local authorities, community organisations, business, and universities to create living labs for net zero in Southwest England and South Wales. This workshop focused on the largest contributors to Scope 3 emissions: our supply chains and travel.

Featuring guest speakers, networking across GW4 institution and discussions around key themes in Climate and Health, this workshop asked 'How can we make a difference'? The theme was intentionally broad to encourage ideas that combine perspectives from diverse disciplines, including (but not limited to) the arts and humanities, social sciences, and STEM. 

The event was funded by the EPSRC Impact Acceleration Account (IAA) at the GW4 Universities of Bath, Bristol, Cardiff and Exeter.
A summary of the workshop can be found here
The recording of the event can be found here

GW4 Climate Alliance hosted a session on 18th May at the Climate Exp0 Conference, 17-21 May 2021, the first conference organised by the COP26 Universities Network – a growing group of more than 55 UK-based universities working together to raise ambition for tangible outcomes from the UN COP26 Climate Change Conference (Glasgow, Scotland, November 2021). 

Titled You’re surrounded! Regionally led, globally relevant, nature-based solutions of water and chaired by Dr James Dyke, Assistant Director Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter. it featured Dr Jannis Wenk, University of Bath – Constructed wetlands for polishing municipal wastewater: Cromhall wetlands ; Dr Chris Clements, University of Bristol – Ecological crystal balls: can we predict the future? and Professor Isabelle Durance, Cardiff University and Director of the GW4 Water Security Alliance–  Nature based solutions for water security.


The Climate Exp0 also featured GW4 academics and students involved in other sessions throughout the week. Many of these are also members of our GW4 AMR Alliance, GW4 Water Security Alliance and ambassadors for our Accelerating to Net Zero initiative.

Climate Change: Solutions and how to communicate them 22-23 June 2021

A free online symposium creating a space for ECRs to disseminate and discuss research ideas in a like-minded peer, low pressure setting. The symposium was multidisciplinary in nature, offering a great opportunity for ECRs to broaden insights into their research ideas. By bringing together climate change researchers across a range of disciplines and organisations, we hope to provide an opportunity to expand networks and forge potential collaborations.

After two days of insightful presentations and stimulating conversations, the organising committee and conference attendees gathered for a final roundtable. They discussed the roles ECRs should play in the next ten years of climate research, and why their voices should matter in this endeavour. ECRs: Why our voice matters