Training our future researchers and leaders


GW4 Crucible provides the opportunity for future research leaders across a broad range of disciplines to come together generating innovative and multifaceted responses to address global challenges. The theme for the GW4 Crucible 2023 is Our Data and Digital World – Opportunities for Transformative Interdisciplinarity.

The GW4 Climate Alliance will build on the momentum generated from GW4 Climate Crucible, to deliver alumni-led networking activities.

GW4 Early Career Symposia

The GW4 Early Career Symposia Scheme enables post-graduate researchers and ECRs to work together to deliver a flagship symposium. 

The themes for 20//21 are Climate and AMR.

The two-day GW4 ECR symposium ‘Climate Change: Science and Society’, held in December 2020 was designed to facilitate networking between researchers working across different disciplines with an interest in climate change and consisted of talks and panel discussions with invited speakers as well as break-out sessions.

Doctoral Training Programme

To tackle the global challenge of climate change, high-quality PhD training is an urgent priority to ensure the next generation of researchers is equipped with the skills to make a real impact worldwide. GW4 hosts over 30 externally funded Doctoral Training Centres and partnerships.

GW4 Doctoral Training Programmes include: