The GW4 Climate Alliance uses Slack to host our Climate and Net Zero online community.  

As an Alliance member, you can access Slack to get the latest information on climate-related funding opportunities, find out who else is working in your area, share open resources and publicise your events and projects.   

If you’ve not yet become a member of the Alliance, please complete the short membership form here before you sign up to join the Slack community below. 



What is Slack?

Slack is a collaboration platform for sharing information, opportunities and ideas. It allows you to work together through  communication channels (which can be public or private) or direct messages (between individuals). Slack also has the capacity to integrate with other apps like Google Drive and Drobox. Slack is a user friendly way of keeping all relevant information in one place, rather than across several emails.  

Want to know more about how to use Slack? Check to find out about collaborating effectively.